Azalina's Flavors of Malaysia

Growing up in a Malaysian kampung, my childhood memories are filled with intoxicating scents from eating together in my Nani’s kitchen and roaming the family spice garden. My products are an homage to my traditions and these experiences.

Azalina's Sauce Collection

Pandan Kaya - YUM!!

When you decide to bake a sweet treat at home, don't forget the possiblities with Azalina's Pandan Kaya!!

Super simple - Sambal Butter

heavy cream, Azalina's sambal and shake, and shake and shake -- don't give up -- because the result if delictibly smooth spice that you can use on any dish to replace oil or regular butter. Sphagetti, toast(try it), fried egg, all with a backgroud flavorful heat!! So good!!

Hokkien Mee Noodles

With Azalina's Hokkine Mee Sauce (VEGAN) it's very simple to grab some noodles, tofu, shrimp or other protien and some fresh veg and herbs and put to gether fast easy meal that will impress!!